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Our Mission

At Eureka Farm, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and training for your horse every day. We pride ourselves on detail oriented care, with attention to each horse's individual needs, likes, and dislikes. Our principle trainer, Colleen O'Connor-Dzik, excels in creating a positive training and showing experience for the horse as well as the rider. Together, we do all we can to make your horse as happy and healthy as possible -- and to promote your pleasure and success as a rider.


Here at Eureka, we tailor our menu to your horse's needs and wants. We feed hay at least four times per day, including at night check - and more often if they need it. We feed a high quality first cut timothy hay supplied by a local, family run business. We can also provide other types of hay for horses that need something different, including alfalfa, second cut, hay cubes, etc. Whatever your horse's needs, whenever they need it, we will do our best to provide it. Most of the horses at Eureka are fed two grain meals per day. We are happy to provide additional meals during the day or at night check. We are also happy to prepare grain as your horse needs or prefers it, whether that's dry, soaked, or soupy.

Professional services

We understand the importance of a good, working relationship between client and provider. Therefore, you are welcome to bring the veterinarian and farrier of your choice to Eureka Farm. We are proud to maintain excellent relationships  with a number of area professionals, including - in alphabetical order - Backstretch Veterinary, Equine Therapies, Middlesex Equine, Northbridge Equine, and others.

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